Ok, so today is the best day ever, like really, really best day. My biological sister, my sworn brother and my friend, they planned a B-Day party for me. I seriously didn't know anything about it until today. I knew that there is something fishy about them. Here's what happened.

My sis talked to my sworn bro and my friend like last Saturday, they were talking about plan A (and how did I figure it out? I peaked at my sister's chat window. But she knew it, and covered it up, so couldn't see anything except plan A). Then I asked my friend, but he didn't tell me, so I was like "darn it, what is the plan?" Then my sis just kept acting fishy for a week, talked on the phone, text messaged. She didn't even tell my parents that we were gonna have a party until today.

So after our class at Linda Vista Recreation Center today, we went out to the grass, and the party started. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me while my friend held a cake (the cake was from my sworn bro), that's when I figured out that the party was for me, and that it was plan A that they've been talking for a whole week. My parents bought the food out, the drinks were from my friends and the cake, like I said, from my sworn brother. It was amazing. Oh, and my two lovely friends came to visit me, so it made it more amazing. Anyway, we were playing like crazy, putting cream on some people's faces, and I was caked the most. But it was fun. This was the BEST B-Day party I've ever in my life. I think it will be the first one and also the last one because something special like this doesn't happen every year.

But thanks to my biological sister, my sworn brother, and my friend who threw a surprise B-Day party for me today. It was...was...FULL OF JOY AND SUPER AMAZING. I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGET this SPECIAL party in my life. TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER :) 

I haven't been on here for a while. I don't know how long. Ever since this semester started, I don't have that much time to actually blog. So many things happened during the past couple months. They troubled me so much. Sometimes, I felt that it would be nice if people never grow up, then there will be no troubles. I don't know why things become complicated when you grow up. Your mind just change due to your surroundings. You have to be strong in order to adapt to this cruel universe. Everything seems to be out of your control; it's never been under your control. My aunt also passed away for almost a month or two. I can't make such an accurate calculation, but it has been a while. Even though we have many cracks in our relationship, it's hard not to feel hurt toward your relative even if they've done you wrong. When I saw her lying there, in the coffin, the idea that sooner or later, everyone is my family will be like her crossed my mind. Tears just bursted out of my eyes, and it were hard to stop. Everything is in the past. For some, I can easily let it go, but sometimes, it's hard for me to forget. No matter how hard I tried, it just won't go away. Forgive and forget, saying it is way easier than actually doing it. I can forgive, but for some things, I just can't forget. All I can do is buried them, buried them all the way down at the bottom of my heart. Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

I've been studying for the past couple days for my finals. I just finished taking my 5th exam for Chemistry yesterday, as well as Math final. I was stuck on some of the problems. Fortunately, I found a way to get away with it. But I think I still messed up on some though. Today was Humanities final. I hope I did OK. I mean, it's like the last couple exams, but since this is the last one, so more pressure on this one. Hope I get an A. Tomorrow is gonna be my last one, Chemistry final. I'm so ready for it since we can have a 3x5 note card. But I got most of the stuff down. They were just basic calculations, some conversion problems, and I just need to review some formulas. I guess that's it for now.

Wow, I haven't blog for a while. Miss blogging but have nothing to blog. I can't think of anything to blog, but now I do. I'm still on break though, not coming back to school until the 25th. Lucky me right? Not ready to be back though, don't know why. I wish all the students get 2 months off for winter break. Anyway, I just thought of some quotes (and heard from someone), so here they are.

Good and Evil - Chánh và Tà (January 18)
Good and evil can't be together. But good or evil, both come from your heart. So where is good? And where is evil?
Chánh tà bất lưỡng lập. Nhưng chánh cũng do tâm, mà tà cũng từ tâm. Vậy thì đâu là chánh? Còn đâu là tà?

Heart - Tâm (January 18)
There is treatment for poison. But is there a treatment for an evil heart?
Nếu thuốc có độc thì có thể chữa. Vậy tâm có độc thì lấy gì chữa?

Difficulties and Miracle - Khó Khăn và Kỳ Tích (January 18)
Our difficulties make miracle.
Khó khăn sẽ tạo nên kỳ tích.

I was searhing for the songs to download them in my laptop. Then I came across these songs. They were pretty good though, in my opinion. But they were sort of sad. Anyway, here they are :)
              Cuộc Tình Phù Du - Nhật Quốc & Tấn Quốc

                         Giả Vờ Yêu - Ngô Kiến Huy

                      Thà Người Đừng Nói - Đan Trường

I found another good song too. It's in Chinese, but couldn't get it on here because there is no embed link for it. SAD:(

I haven't blogging for a while. Too lazy to do it, besides I want my break. I can finally get some break, stay home and enjoy watching movies. I didn't get any Christmas presents (well except one) because my family didn't really celebrate Christmas. The present that I got was a sword from my sworn brother and sister. It's not a wooden sword, though. I can use it to practice my sword fight (when I learn how). Anyway, my friend and I will start on our new blog together for celebrities. The site is Simply Moments. It's still underconstruction, and I'm still editing the first few chapters of my story. Guess, it's all for now. Time for me to make some changes to my blog and start on Simply Moments. Ta-da everyone.



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